Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roblox News Summer Interns: First Roll-call!

The RN Summer Intern Programme is officially under way and we have here our first batch of promising individuals.

A Recap.

An Intern is a temporary staff member who will shadow a current member of the RN team. These interns will publish articles relating to the staff member's role on the blog. For example, if an intern were to shadow Refreshingwater, they would publish Place Reviews.

The aim of the Internship programme is enhance the applicants skills in a particular area whilst at the same time developing their social skills through interacting with fans and staff members alike. If the Interns perform well and bond with their fellow RN team members, they will likely be asked to remain on the team as full time staff after the programme is over.

Our first interns are:



Zakary99 has been a devoted fan of RN for a long time now and had applied for many roles on the blog. He only just missed out on a job on the blog because of the mistakes he had made in his applications. However, he has come back with improved literacy skills and is set to make a big impression on the fans! Zakary will be shadowing Refreshingwater; our Community Manager and Lead Place Reviewer.



Alexkylerock has been very enthusiastic about the RN Internship programme and even amended his original application twice! His application shone out to me because it was detailed and well written, also boasting a strong, positive attitude towards blogging. He is an avid LMaD forumer (Let's Make a Deal - the forum to buy, sell and trade) with 7600+ posts. Alex will be shadowing NonStopEpic; our Catalog Manager.



Darkfish900's application was very well presented with bullet points and clear answers to the questions asked in the original post. Like Alex; he is very much interested in the Catalog and visits LMaD regularly, with 4000 posts to his name. His effective communication skills and experience with the ROBLOX economy will be key to his role on the blog. Darkfish will be shadowing NonStopEpic; our Catalog Manager.

Thank you to everyone who applied - and remember: you still could be selected to join us as an intern in the second roll-call. We are also still accepting applications and the second roll-call will be announced within the next week!

Editor of Roblox News