Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Week's Gear Theme: Overseer!

This week's gear theme was the Overseer. ROBLOX did a very impressive job with the gears. The Overseers are an army of creatures who use these weapons/gears to create peace across ROBLOXia. Unfortunately, ROBLOX didn't release any limiteds this week, but some of these are a very good buy!

You have been warned, because any holder of this has the power to freeze the living daylights out of you. Although it only does 14 damage, if they get ahold of you in their ice block, you might meet your end quickly. I like how you can swing this axe in many directions (across your chest, down on the opponents head, and a circular motion behind your arm). The only problem with this weapon is that while you are spraying ice, you are very vulnerable to any long ranged or short ranged attack.

Don't be fooled by this gear's appearance, this gear can do massive amount of damage. This creature is part lion, part goat, and part snake. It will chase after your enemies and spray a mix of fire, poison, or just biting. This creature can do up to 60 damage. The only downside is that it is easily pushed over and easily pushed away. This is a great gear if you like long ranged attackers.

Stated by Sorcus in the Notifications "One of the the legendary swords that is carried by Chaos Master Shedletsky" you can tell this sword will obviously be a good one. If it's a sword used by an Shedletsky, it's a good one. This sword does 24 damage per slash and when you press q and hold down your left button on your mouse you may notice a bar that charges. I am still unaware what this does but according to Sorcus, this sword "destroys all flying opponents in its vicinity by cutting of their wings and tangling them in vines". Overall this is a great sword. I have noticed a small glitch though, when you charge up your bar fully and make a final blow, you cannot move, but I bet Sorcus will be happy to fix this problem!

This gear, in my opinion, is probably the best buy out of them all. It is the cheapest and probably the most effective in game. Now when you are holding this in game, this may look like a threatening gear. But when people chase you with your battle axes or swords and shields, this gear may feel useless. And when you click, nothing happens. You wait, while you are being chased by a man in full suit of armor with his battle axe, and all of a sudden, a meteor the size of a semi-truck comes tumbling down on top of them and all that's left of them is their battle axe. You go to pick up their battle axe but you stop and think, which is better, his axe, or my staff. Definitely the staff.

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