Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hi, I'm alexkylerock!

Hi I'm alexkylerock and I am one of RN's summer interns! Let me tell you some things about me!

I joined ROBLOX in 2008 and I mainly stayed there to play games. I rarely ever bought anything and tried to make myself look "cool", I just played ROBLOX because of the gameplay. Nowadays, I forum and talk to friends. The forum I spend time on is LMaD. I have over 7000 posts there and I might be considered a good LMaDer. I think it's fun to invest on ROBLOX because not only does it help teach beginners about investing/business, but investing can also get you into a career! My main goal here on RN is to let the viewers know whether a hat/gear will be a good buy and whether you will make a good profit off of it. I will also try teaching the viewers how to invest. I look forward to meeting any of the fans and the staff here at RN!

Shadowing the one and only NonstopEpic
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