Friday, July 27, 2012

Golden Aviators (3.0 Shades) Review

3.0 Bodies, hairs, and faces are now here, but will ROBLOX make a whole new hat section for them too? This post will be reviewing the Golden Aviators and this hat had a bunch of flaws.

Mesh: 7/10
Now from the looks of it, these shades look very stunning and awesome, but when worn on your ROBLOXian, it's fits on just below your eyes. But if you try wearing these on your 3.0 body, they fit perfectly well. Is this because 3.0 is the next ROBLOXian? Is this because ROBLOX might terminate the original bodies? But they still are shades and if you have the 3.0 bodies, they still do look very stunning, so I can't give these a very low score.

Texture: 8/10
The name of these shades is "Golden Aviators" which tells you that they will be golden, and in fact they are. It's a little plain, with no features on it. I also don't like the fact that there is a black strip cutting the top and bottom half of the shades. They could've blended it in a little more. 

Outfits: 9/10
These are shades, and shades can almost go with anything, and gold is a nice color to blend with. But even if this were to be your only hat, then it would still look nice. But like I said before, the only problem is that unless you don't have 3.0, these shades will drop underneath your eyes.

Value: 8/10
These are at a good price, considering the way they look. Shades shouldn't be priced too cheap. But since these were made for 3.0, ROBLOX should've lowered the price because only BC members can buy 3.0, and not many BC members like 3.0. The picture is also somewhat misleading because if you bought this to wear on your blocky ROBLOXian, then you are out of luck.

User Feedback: I have asked some users across the forums of ROBLOX and on twitter what they thought about this hat and this is what they said.

Base1567They don't look bad imo, but it's for 3.0 so =X

townbuilder825Not limited = no profit = Dislike

hyperhedgehogsxx: It goes on your face weird

@RBX_Zakary99they're okay, i would have liked to see them as limiteds.

@TREVORRBLXugly. Roblox needs to stop making 3.0 items.

Suggestions (NEW): This is a section of this post where I add some more of my suggestions in and if I would buy it with these new suggestions.

1. I like the idea of making new hats just for 3.0, but that might be where ROBLOX is going wrong. 3.0 is BC only and not many users are BC only. Not many users like 3.0 either. If ROBLOX made a copy for 3.0 and a copy for the bloxy ROBLOXian (i.e. Golden Aviators (3.0) and Golden Aviators) then that would make these a much better pair of shades.
2. I like the texture a little, but it's a little too plain. I would like it a whole lot more if ROBLOX added some details (i.e. some stars on the edge, sparkles on the edge).
3. Lastly, and this is probably my biggest concern, is that I think ROBLOX should've added in the description that these shades were meant for 3.0 because a lot of people bought these thinking they would look cool on their ROBLOXian but then when the tried to put it on, it drooped below their eyes.

But even if these met these conditions, I don't think I would buy this, although I would consider it.

This has been a hat review by alexkylerock
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