Thursday, July 5, 2012

Your opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July is here.

Yes, I'll be celebrating Christmas in July, but only on RN! I'll be making gifts daily and handing them out. Some will be easy to get, some will be hard. Most of the gifts will be hidden within place reviews. The first gift will be a public gift, no hiding. I won't announce when it will be free. You will have to check my models to see if I've made the gift free. A few will be exclusive to Twitter only. Or maybe an email exclusive? So, keep an eye out for hints as to where the gifts may be. This will last all of July. The gifts will be made free for a few days, then will be taken off sale. All gift locations will be revealed at the end of each week. I will tell you in a post if a new gift is available. All gifts will be available on my account only. Some gifts will be opened at the end of the week that they were released in. Information on how you had to obtain the gifts will be revealed in a post. So, get hunting!

Gratias enim lectio! Fortuna inveniens dona!