Sunday, July 29, 2012

New 30% Marketplace Fee

       Well, as many of you have probably noticed, the Marketplace Fee for limited items has gone up from 25-30% quite recently. For those who don't know of this fee, it's a sort of tax, if you will, that ROBLOXians pay when selling limited and limited unique items to other users. Basically, a portion of the money one earns from selling a limited item will be given back to ROBLOX. For example, if I were to sell a copy of the Icedagger for the price of 1,000 ROBUX (which I would hopefully have  enough sense not to do) then, by the previous Marketplace Fee of 25%, I would earn 750 ROBUX. However, now, with the new 30% Marketplace Fee, I would only be able to earn 700 ROBUX if I were to sell the item for the same price. Most users are quite disgruntled with this update, feeling that the original tax of 25% was more than enough to start off with. Those of you familiar with LMaD (users from the Let's Make a Deal section of the Forums) who are avid investors in limited items, probably know that they protest this 5% increase as well.   

MasterChiefAlpha's thread about the Marketplace Fee

       I talked to my long-time friend and investor, shadowchampion, about this topic, and asked him what his thoughts on the subject were. He responded that he saw it as an advantage for the limited item itself, as the price of it would need to be raised to give sellers the same profit previous to the new Marketplace Fee, but a disadvantage for the buyers, who would have to pay more. 
       @Regilord on twitter expressed his views on the matter as well. "It makes sense," he tweeted, "Roblox's new Fee is becoming more similar to other online marketing fees. It's just incredibly high to what we're used to." 

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