Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 New Gifts!

The Super Rare Gift - This gift will only have 2 owners, myself and another lucky user! Send me a tweet on Twitter with your username to enter the random drawing! Or if you don't have a Twitter, send me a PM on Roblox if you want the gift! On Friday, I'll pick a winner. He/she will then get the gift and he/she gets to choose what's inside of the gift. He/she can choose up to 3 hats or gears! Good luck!

Eerie Remains of the Infamous Hacker - This gift will be free for the entire week. There won't be any other way to obtain this gift.

Nearly Invisible Gift of Light - The only way to obtain this gift is to tell me why this gift has faded. Also, you must tell me if it will continue fading, or not.

Red Gift of Sunset - This gift will only be available on Friday at sunset PST.

Fiery Gift of Rainbows - This will be free until Sunday.