Thursday, July 12, 2012

Place Showcase #2: Windmill Island

     Hello there, it's me refreshingwater with the second place showcase. I totally forgot about these showcases, so I apologize for not writing a new one. So, this showcase is going to be on Windmill Island by the user windmillisland. Funny name related to the place. If you'd like to suggest a place for me to showcase, please go to my Twitter.

     The creator windmillisland is not known for any other places. I assume he's an alternate account to someone else. He doesn't have a blurb, but he does have a description on his place. "Windmill, windmill for the land, Turn forever hand in hand, Take it all in on your stride, It is sinking, falling down, Love forever, love is free, Let's turn forever you and me, Windmill, windmill for the land, Is everybody in?" It sounds to me like a riddle. But, he's the only one who knows. If you know, please tell me on my Twitter. Let's begin the showcase.

Here we have a view of the entire place itself. You can see that it is a Windmill on and Island. Which is why the creator calls it "Windmill Island." So, we can see on the side that there is a fence, but nowhere else is a fence. Why is that? Like I said, the whereabouts of the owner are unknown at the time. The windmill is the next part of this discussion.

Here we have a close up view of the windmill. The windmill's propellers or whatever you call them are spinning slowly, but smoothly. The windmill has red and white bricks on it. This windmill is really realistic in many ways. Although, I don't like the choice in skybox. The propellers or again, whatever you call it are made out of wood, which is a cool material.

Now, I'm viewing from the top. Yes, the bricks are climbable. Maybe a human error? Who knows. This is the main contraption that controls the propellers or again whatever you call them. And you can tell, the creator spent plenty of time creating this magnificent place of simplicity. Again, the contraption's material is wood.

Finally, we have the back of the windmill. This is the last part of the contraption that controls the propellers. These look like mini propellers. They also spin in a rotary motion. Slowly, but smoothly. You can stand on almost everything in this place, besides the roof. You can bang your head thousands of times on the roof and you still wont make it up. 

     This has been our second showcase of all time. Want more? Please tell me on my Twitter or on Roblox. Also, I will keep the third showcase a secret. I don't want to spoil it yet.

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