Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Umbrella Hat (CLASSIC) Hat Review

Time for a Classic Hat Review, I'll be reviewing the "Umbrella Hat". Btw, follow me on Twitter, I'm @BillCheesey5.
Umbrella Hat

Mesh: This mesh is nice! It's shaped like one of those Umbrellas that people wear on their heads when it's raining. Those hats are funny :3 anyways, it's accurate, nice, and realistic! :D 10/10.

Texture: The colours, they just jump out at you, they're eye-catching. Nice rainbow colours, it's like the, uh... Rainbow Shaggy's deformed brother. Or sister. Anyways, it's eye-catching and colourful! :D 10/10.

General Hat (How the Mesh and Texture look together, etc): The hat in general is very innovative, but realistic at the same time. Very good mix of colours. 10/10

Overall: An innovative hat, colourful, eye-catching and RAINBOWWWWWW. It gets a well-deserved 10/10, a perfect score! :D

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it a ton! I'm sure @Arbirator (my boss) is happy as well.

Link to the hat: http://www.roblox.com/Umbrella-Hat-item?id=10658698