Sunday, July 15, 2012

Roblox News wins best Fan Site at the RGC!

Thank you coolbob44 for providing us with this video, his site 'Lua Learners' was one of the sites nominated as the Best Fan Site of 2012! To skip to the fan site category, fast forward to 6:50 on the video.

Roblox News has been running since 2008, but 2011 was the year when the site really took off. John Shedletsky added RN to the developers blog blogroll and users began to find out about my blog. Pageviews shot up and I began employing staff to help run the blog. 2011 was the year that I met many new users and made countless new friends. Xuber was one of the first users to join my blog, he began as a regular publisher but was promoted to the Publishing Manager - helping me organise the articles we published and assigning topics to other staff. He then later on became the Community Manager, helping to manage the group and fans, taking on their feedback and interacting with them.

Flingi2 was also one of the first to join RN, he was an enthusiastic individual who soon sealed his place as the Site Manager and Ambassador  for the blog. He is the genius behind many of the cool widgets added to the site such as the sliding banner and the notifications box. He has also produced many videos for RN.

IBarrageI joined slightly later on and I instantly bonded with him due to our shared interest in retexturing on ROBLOX. IBarrageI shone out to me as a an excellent graphics designer but also an adept in his language skills. He first joined as a publisher and has switched position many times; his current job is Assistant Editor - a very important role on the blog, he helps me out on everything I do on RN.

I am extremely thankful to all the blog's staff, fans, twitter followers for supporting the blog over the last two years; without you, RN would never have come this far! I never would have expected that when I set up my blog in 2008 that I would win the best fan site of the year in 2012!

My staff are trully hard working, determined and extremely talented individuals who have published hundreds of high quality articles. I thank every single one of them, from the assistant editor, to the managers, to the staff and the summer interns too - you have made RN what it is today.

I also am truly grateful for all the support the ROBLOX staff have provided for the blog and myself, with Shedletsky co-hosting a retexture competition and featuring us on the official blog and BrightEyes complimenting and linking my work on twitter. I am also thankful for the two interviews I have conducted with ROBLOX - both the phone and email interviews and to ReeseMcBlox who organised them.

The last two years have been the most fun out of my entire ROBLOX career because of how 'Community involved' the blog made me. I can't stress how much I appreciate each and every one of you!

Roblox News will be running for many years to come!

Back to the RGC Hall of Fame:

The prizes are detailed at 0:30 in the video.

Nominees of each category will receive the RGC Top Hat. There were 10 categories and 3 nominees for each category.

RGC Top Hat

The winners of each category and the ROBLOX Hackathon will receive the RGC 2012 Statuette. Each category had only 1 winner.

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I congratulate every nominee and winner of the ROBLOX Hall of Fame 2012! The official video for it is below: