Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Place Reviewing Department Introduces...

The entire place reviewing department, me, yomamadude6, and banjobug have all decided to add the "Place Review Queue" since we receive a lot of requests for places to review, we've decided to add them all to a list and review them in order.

So, let's say for example I want yomamadude6 to review arbirator's place, I give him a link and he puts it on the list. I was the first one to suggest a place for him that week, so I'll be the first one on the list. If I linked him the place last, it gets viewed last. 

This Place Review Queue will be on the sidebar of RN. You can go to the link provided and suggest a place for us to review. In that page, you have to provide us with your username, place link, and why you want us to review it. After that, you have to submit it and wait for us to get to it. If we liked the place, we'll review it, if not, we won't.

This is a major advancement for RN. Other departments can also adopt this queue. This queue will stay on RN for as long as possible. It's a permanent update. So, please send your feedback to Refreshingwater, Banjobug, Yomamadude6, Arbirator, or Flingi2. The queue was created by Flingi2, so I would give him the most feedback. Thanks again for your support, and we can't wait to see your suggestions! :)

Thanks for reading!