Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black Iron Ring of Olympia goes limited!

July 28th, 2012, was a big day. The much anticipated Rainbow Fedora finally came out, and the Black Iron Ring of Olympia went limited. Before I review this ring, here's some information about it.

- The Black Iron Ring of Olympia was a contest prize for the 2008 ROBLOX Olympics Building Contest.
- Around 250-400 exist according to my statistics. The true amount that exist is unknown.
- You could have gotten this one of three ways. Either by making a top ten ROBLOX Olympics video, by favoriting only five 2008 olympics places (this way of getting it was not actually revealed until the ring was given out, it was a secret), or by buying it.
- This is not the rarest out of all the 2008 Olympics rings.

The thing though is that this ring was given out in 2008 and many of the people who got it either don't have BC anymore or have quit ROBLOX, so that just makes this ring even rarer. Now here's the review.

Texture: 10/10

It's very hard to make ring textures, as the ring texture is actually more complex than you'd think. However, I consider this ring as one of the best 2008 rings because of it's amazing texture. The texture is incredible as the black texture looks shiny and it has such amazing cracks all over the ring. This ring is one of my favorite rings.

Mesh: 10/10

What I love about 2007 and 2008 hats is that they have very simple and unique meshes. This ring is one of them. The mesh is a simple ring, it's not like any other hat in the catalog. This mesh has been used in many games and is one of the best known meshes on ROBLOX. It gives you that nostalgic 2007 feel and it's very classic and original.

Style: 3/10

This ring (along with the others) does not really work good as a hat. When you wear it, all it does is float on top of your head, and it looks a bit awkward. My suggestions on how to make it look good on you is to either wear it alone or make it part of a hat combo. (which this ring is not good with most hat combos) It'd be a bit cooler if it went around your head instead of above it. It's still a great hat, but it just is hard to create outfits with this ring.

Profit: 1/10

This ring is absolutely terrible for profit. This ring is ultra rare and is terribly bad to buy and sell for profit. Many were expecting this ring to be around 20000 robux, but it's currently selling around the outrageous prices of 80000 robux to 120000 robux! I'm pretty sure many of you readers don't have quite that much, but for those who do have that much DON'T BUY THIS RING. PERIOD. First off, it's not worth at all 80000 robux. Second, if you buy this you're wasting your money terribly and probably won't ever be able to sell the ring and get your money back. It's impossible to make any money with this ring. The only reason you should buy this ring is if you are a hat collector, or if this is your dream hat. However, if you own this ring and  have Builder's Club, I suggest to talk with some people who want it and sell it below 80000 since no one will buy it for that, but not too low.

Overall: 8/10

This ring is extremely awesome and very nice looking, but it isn't great for creating outfits, it's way too expensive, and it is zero profit (unless you own it).

Keep your eyes on the catalog though, because many suspect the other 2008 Olympics ring will go limited sometime soon. Also, many suspect this ring might be the start of the backlog. The backlog is, if you don't know, tons of offsale hats that are planned to go limited soon because of the release of the Trading System. It's supposedly going to start extremely soon. In fact I hope it starts as soon as possible because me and many others in the LMaD forum have been waiting eagerly quite a while for the backlog.

UPDATE: Just recently the Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat went limited, meaning this IS the start of the backlog. Keep your eyes on the catalog the next few days, because many items, including some in your inventory, may be going limited real soon!

The supposedly shared 2012 olympics admin account, swim.

One other thing I'd like to note. The London 2012 Olympics have just recently begun and it's likely that ROBLOX will do some sort of building contest or more likely a game event to celebrate the olympics. I won't give too much away, but a couple weeks ago people noticed that the account "swim" was recently creating some sort of secret olympics game and was uploading potential prize hats as models. There are many reasons to suspect that swim is a shared admin account for a new event, though some users suspect swim is just some user trying to fool people. I've talked with swim in-game, and he says that the possible event game was supposed to be out by now, but he says an "error" has delayed the game.  I have a feeling swim is an admin as when I talked to him he knew just about what every admin was doing. Be aware though, swim has not been online now for about a month, and that's another reason why people suspect he's a fake. The admins have not mentioned at all whether swim is an admin account or not, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager