Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Gear Leaked?

Yes! I'm back. It's me. Old jirachidog from the Summer of 2011. Let's get back on topic, okay...

I've found some links leading to some "Top secret" Roblox files. Well, they're just some decals and meshes that lead to some sword, but not just any sword. The "Angel Sword". It has a glossy texture, an angelic glow, and just the right type of gear to match with Empyrean Reignment. For right now I don't know the gear's script, however the information I'm about to show you hasn't been leaked to the public. In one event, a forumer asked an admin in charge of re-textures and releasing models. This admin supplied the following information, "For sure Angel Sword and Touchstone will go limited. Linked sword will go on-sale determined by how much people want it."

Here is a picture of the Angel Sword:

For those of you that may not know, highly detailed swords and usually low in stock and high in price, so keep in mind the amount of robux you spend.

Take a model here!

More Information:

  • Linked Sword is one of the first swords ever made and is the most commonly swords in games on Roblox. It basically has high demand by default for being a classic.
  • TouchStone is a gear that can only be used in SFoTH (Sword Fight on The Heights, a game by Shedletsky). It teleports you into a room that grants access to teleports to secret areas in the game. This idea of being a gear has been put in the back shelf for almost years because of the complication of how it will work. Luckily a few forumers and I introduced an idea that will be implemented by our very own Shedletsky (I think). Our idea was that when the TouchStone was used you will be teleported to another game or high into the sky in some type of fore field box.

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