Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hat Review: DarkAge Ninja Swordpack

       Hey guys, Ulquiorrra98 here with something a bit different. Now, normally, I take to reviewing gear items, but I've decided to try my hand at reviewing a certain hat, the DarkAge Ninja Swordpack , the third piece of work in ROBLOX's Dark Age set. (It's predecessors being the Dual Katanas of the DarkAge Clan and the DarkAge Assassin Crossbow) I suppose I shouldn't keep you guys waiting much longer, so let's get on to the review:

Mesh: It fits comfortably on your avatar, and is a great accessory if you want that ninja kind of look. Of course, a TRUE ninja can't be seen, so it wouldn't really matter what you're wearing. It gets a 7/10 from me.

Appearance: Well, as you can probably tell, this hat is very similar to the Deluxe Ninja Swordpack but has a little twist; the sai (that small, thin dagger that you'd expect to find a ninja with) featured in the Deluxe Ninja Swordpack has been replaced with a shorter katana. In addition to that, the handles of the blades have been recolored a deep shade of purple and some sort of lettering has been inscribed on the blades themselves. Though lacking in originality, it does have a very sleek, deadly look to it, and for that I give it an 8/10 .

Price: Well, this hat comes out at 200 ROBUX, 50 ROBUX less than the Deluxe Ninja Swordpack , which it was modeled after. To me, it seems a reasonable price, and I could see myself buying a copy in the future. So in this category, it'll be receiving a 9/10.

Overall: Good look, good price, good quality. A must-buy for anyone that's gotten into the new DarkAge series, or for anyone looking for an updated version of the classic Sword pack. I think it deserves an 8/10.

Thanks for reading!
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