Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Community Manager: Refreshingwater!

I'm pleased to announce that Refreshingwater is the new Community Manager here at Roblox News! He is replacing our previous CM: Xuber who has stepped down from the role.

Refreshing will still be producing his own place reviews and managing the other reviewers in our team, but will now undertake some extra responsibilities. The main responsibility is to manage the group and to answer any questions you guys may have, this is where the heart of our community is. He will also be very active on the group; posting regular shouts and posts to the group wall.

RN fans are also very enthusiastic about our community contests and so Refreshing will help me co-ordinate contests and events such as the RN Sword fighting Tournament. And finally he will aid me in taking on feedback from you guys about the site and our articles, whether this be through our email address: robloxnewshelp@live.co.uk or via surveys and polls.

The Community Manager role is a very important role on the blog, and I had no doubts that Refreshing was the right guy for the job! Please congratulate him on his promotion and help to support his role.


Editor of Roblox News