Wednesday, July 4, 2012

User Item Review: Bluesteel Fedora

Hello! Welcome to the first ever Roblox News User Item Review!! I apologize for not having it for the past two days, been busy with life and all, but finally I'm making it happen. As I said, welcome to the first item review. I didn't get many tweets about items, so I searched the model section of free models.

I found something that was unique and reminded me of someone. IBarrageI, and his bluesteel obsession. This item is Bluesteel Fedora, created by Aludro. I was very impressed by this item, seeming its original texture is from the Sparkle Time Fedora. The thing that caught my eye was the gold line. This created a negative and positive space. The negative space space is the bluesteel itself, and the positive space is the gold line.
The design of this retexture is outstanding, and I'm surprised IBarrageI didn't think of it. Overall, I'd recommend this as a hat, but it probably won't, I know I'd buy it, and all the other 200+ takers. Thank you for your time reading this. Sincerely, Trevor