Monday, July 9, 2012

Gifts of July 1, 2012 - July 8, 2012.

The week has passed, and all the gifts of this week have been released. Some made free and taken off sale. Every week I'll explain how you had to obtain the gifts and what's in them. Most of these are opened. And are no longer available. So, let's begin.

Gigantic Gift of Hoarders - You had to earn this by showing me a picture of a limited you owned for more than 2 months, nobody did that. So, I made it free. Inside is.... Dominus Litus! Pronounced Lightus.

Exclusive Gift of Twitter - This gift was obtainable by following me on Twitter and taking the gift when I told you to. Lots of people took this gift. Inside users found a Twitter bird!

Celebratory Gift of Earliness - This gift was obtainable by taking it, it was free. It was free for almost a month. Nothing was found inside of this gift.

Exclusive Gift of Email - This gift is exclusive to those who enter the building contest. You get a code with 16 digits, the code is different for every person, so don't try and cheat. This won't be available at the beginning of August.

Gift of Speed - This gift was available on Saturday for only 10 minutes, only 3 people managed to take this gift. Inside you find... Counterfeit Dusekkar!

Beginning this week, I'm going to announce any new gift that is released.

Oxu, və bu həftə yeni hədiyyələr əldə uğurlar üçün təşəkkür edirik!

No picture this week, might make a new one.