Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trading System Released!

The time has finally come; the trading system has been released after many months of development. The trading system allows Builders Club members to trade Limited hats, gear and faces with other BC users. Unlike the Limited system, the trading system has no marketplace fee so users will not be charged for completing trades. 

The trading system was shipped on July 12th for TBC and OBC players only. These users were able to use the feature first because the ROBLOX developers wanted to do some final testing before they could release it to all premium members as a public Beta. It was originally stated that the trading system would be released for regular BC members next week, however, John Shedletsky updated the blog post at 9pm July 12th stating that it was now available to all BC members.

'We will be tweaking it over the next several weeks' - stated John in the blog post. This could mean that in time they may introduce a feature where you can add funds of Robux to your trades, this will be useful if you need to make your trade value equal. The ROBLOX administrator ostrichsized also stated that they will be making a backlog of items Limited so they are tradable.

How do I trade? 

1) First of all you will need a Builders Club premium membership to use the trading system.

Members of the illustrious Builders Club display this badge proudly. The Builders Club is a paid premium service. Members receive several benefits: they get ten places on their account instead of one, they earn a daily income of 15 ROBUX, they can sell their creations to others in the ROBLOX Catalog, they get the ability to browse the web site without external ads, and they receive the exclusive Builders Club construction hat.

2) Click on a user's profile and click the 'Trade Items' button at the bottom of their blurb - next to the messaging buttons. 

Alternatively, you can click the 'Trade Items' button found on the user's 'stuff' bar

3) The trading window will open and a trading session will begin. To add an item to an offer or request, simply click the item image. The item's average price will be shown below the item. 

4) Once you are happy with your offer and request, click 'Send Request'.

5) The user receiving your request will receive a message from ROBLOX in their inbox stating they have received a trade request. Once they have opened the details they have three choices: 'Accept', 'Decline' or 'Counter'. If they choose counter, they will open up the trading panel, and choose to change the items they are trading, either by adding new items and/or removing items from the request.

As mentioned above, the feature is in BC Beta, so there may be bugs, but these will soon be ironed out!

Happy trading!

Editor of Roblox News