Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hat Review: Rainbow Fedora

What’s up guys! It’s dark back with another great hat review! Well, last gear Friday when everyone was waiting for gears to be released then the retexture every had been waiting for was released. Everyone panicked and kept clicking rainbow fedora just to get errors… Then when the errors lifted it wasn't even for sale! This hat just went on sale yesterday so now I am going to do a nice review about it! So, let’s get on with the review:

Mesh: 10/10

The original version of rainbow fedora didn’t actually fit the avatar correctly, but never fear IBarrageI is here! He resized the hat to it's proper size which fits the avatar perfectly! I love the classic fedora mesh, the way it fits the avatar perfectly, I can’t wait to see what amazing hat combos you guys will make with it.

Appearance: 8.5/10

The appearance of this fedora is absolutely amazing! It looks so beautiful with all the colors connect just like the rainbow.  It comes to just above the eyes of the avatar and fit’s nice around the back. It seems to be a very nice hat.

Price: 1 week and a day after the hat was uploaded to roblox it went on sale all of a sudden for 1,500 Robux with 500 in stock, it sold out very quick and made a 8-10k profit. Nobody was really expecting this hat to come out but out of the blue it came out.

Overall: 9/10

I love this hat, it looks amazing, it looks epic on my head :D

This will be my last review for about 3 week due to vacation!

Thanks for reading! See you soon :)