Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ROlympics Re-Texture Relay Contest!

With the London 2012 Olympics opening on the 27th of July, we at Roblox News are hosting a re-texture competiton to celebrate this event. Your end goal? To create the best Olympic-themed re-texture you possibly can!

But it's not exactly that straightforward. There's a twist.

With this event, you will be working as a re-texture relay team. Here's how it works;

  1. Form a team of four people! Decide your order and then decide as a team what mesh or idea to use. The mesh cannot be changed during the relay!
  2. The first person in the team begins work on the re-texture, passes it on to the next person and on until the final team member. Different styles of play will work; the work could be divided, or one base design is made and each person adds to it. You can put your strongest first, your weakest, anyone! It's up to you as a team to decide!
  3. Each person on the team must make their own contribution to the re-texture. They also must make a model of their stage.
  4. When all models are completed, create a set of each maker's stage; (here's an example; http://www.roblox.com/My/Sets.aspx?id=731358).
  5. E-mail your completed set to me, along with the names of the team members, to theeasterzombie@hotmail.co.uk (and please include ROlympics in the e-mail title!)
The closing date for entries is midday GMT, 27th July. 

Good luck to one and all, and run the good relay!