Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fourth of July Hats and Gear 2012!

The Fourth of July is a special American holiday in which it commemorates the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress. ROBLOX decided to celebrate this by releasing cool patriotic themed hats and gear. Here's a recap of all the Independence Day themed hats and gear.


American Archer

This unique Fourth of July gear is a basic bow and arrow. It was originally BC-only and 500 robux, but is now off-sale. It can shoot arrows with American flags wherever you want, and they stick to their target for a little bit. The disadvantage? It does not do any damage if you were to shoot an opponent with this, it just sticks on them.

USA Fireworks

Many people usually see fireworks shows on the Fourth of July, and so this gear is meant to make your own fireworks in-game. This gear item was originally 275 robux but is now off-sale. When you use them, they fly up in the air and make some small sparkles. When you click while they are in the air you will hear a boom sound effect as if they went off. They're nice in my opinion but what disappoints me is that they don't actually make a big fireworks explosion in midair.


The last of the Fourth of July gear, the Pararocket is a very original and nice gear which can be used to move from one place to the next. It was originally 675 robux and is currently off-sale. This gear item is two parts: the first part is the rocket and the second part is the para-shoot. When you first use it you hop on a giant rocket and go upwards. Your character will then switch from the rocket to a para-shoot and go down. It's a very cool gear and it's useful for moving around.


America's Top Hat

The first Fourth of July 2012 hat released was America's Top Hat, a very simple and cartoony top hat. It was originally 175 robux and BC-only, but is now off-sale like the rest of the Fourth of July 2012 hats. While I do think there is already enough Fourth of July top hats in the catalog and we don't need any more, I like this top hat's simplicity and cartoon-ism. 

Old Glory Tie

The Old Glory Tie is a published tie retexture by LiveBuilder and was originally BC-only and 75 robux. It's a very nice tie designed to look like an American flag. Here's what I have to criticize on though. I looked at the texture of this tie to find out it was nothing but what appeared to be clip art of an American flag applied to this tie, meaning the creator applied little to no effort on this. I honestly believe tie retextures shouldn't be published in the first place as they are way too easy to retexture and we already have quite a lot of ties in the catalog.

American Woman

This hat is a very simple retexture of the Dotted Delight by Phantomazing. It was originally 100 robux, but it sold less than 1000 copies. There's two reasons as to why the hat didn't sell well. The first reason is that this hat is meant to appeal to female players, and the admins said once back last year that approximately 25% of the community is female. The other reason is that not many people really like the mesh.

Liberty's Reignment

Liberty's Reignment is a colorful crown very similar to the Liberty Crown as seen on the Statue of Liberty. It was originally 150 robux but it sold poorly. The main reason why: it's ugly. In fact the Liberty's Crown from 2009 is better than this and it would have been better if that was re-put on sale for a limited time instead of creating an entirely new crown. It's not terribly bad, but it's not the best hat.

Amerisplosian Top Hat

I honestly believe this hat was not really needed and it's not that great of a top hat. It was originally 300 robux but was the worst selling hat out of all the Fourth of July 2012 hats, selling under 250 copies. Here's a couple reasons as to why this hat is not great. First of all, it's ugly. This is basically a top hat with the top part being a giant firecracker with bombs around it. I think it doesn't blend well and it just doesn't work. Second of all, the price was too expensive and it should have been near the price of the America's Top Hat. The final reason we did not need two new top hats for the same holiday.

Patriotic Ivy Hat

The Patriotic Ivy Hat was the cheapest of all the Fourth of July 2012 hats at only 25 robux. It's a very simple and nice looking ivy hat, and it was one of the best selling hats for this holiday. The only thing I have to criticize on this is that I think it would look nicer if it was a retexture of the classic ivy hat mesh rather than a completely new ivy hat mesh, but it's still a pretty nice hat.

Seein' Stars + Stripes

The last of the Fourth of July 2012 hats was this, a big winning limited pair of glasses. They were originally R$500 and 500 in stock. They sold out very fast and began to raise to 2k, but is now starting to drop. They are very nice in game, but if you bought these for 500 and want to get profit from them, I suggest to sell it now. The prices will probably drop more as time goes on and that means less profit. For those who want to get these glasses at the current price people are selling them at, wait a while and get the glasses when the price has gotten very low.

My Opinion

This ROBLOX Fourth of July was okay, though it could have been better. I believe there should have been more user-made retextures instead of some of those hats such as Liberty's Reignment and the Amerisplosion Top Hat. It was sort of disappointing seeing only one limited released for the holiday, which I also believe there should have been more limiteds. Also, there was no hat released at a cheap tix price like usual, which was weird. However, here's the biggest thing I was concerned about. There were supposed to be two retextures released on the Fourth of July 2012, Eight Bit Patriotism by freaked and USA Goggles by HabaneroDude. Both of them would have been great hats for the holiday, especially if they were limited, but both of them didn't come out.

Overall: This ROBLOX Fourth of July 2012 was good, but many things could have been better.

Fourth of July Gift Puzzle

Here's a small little Fourth of July related puzzle. If you think you have all the five answers, PM me (NonstopEpic) the answers and if you got them right you will win a ROBLOX Fourth of July gift which will open soon (credit to refreshingwater for starting the Christmas in July gifts.) Basically you have to name each hat the sentence is describing. These hats are Fourth of July themed so you know.

1. A classic 2008 American top hat, was recently on sale for 500 robux.
2. An expensive limited Fourth of July hat you could have won in a 2010 building contest.
3. A hat based upon our first president that was created in 2009.
4. A Fourth of July helm retexture by helloppl1404.
5. A forgotten Fourth of July version of the propeller beanie. (very hard)

The deadline to send me your answers for the riddle is July 11th, I honestly believe it won't take you very long to solve this but good luck to everyone who is trying to solve it.