Friday, July 12, 2013

LOL Day Hat Summary

For LOL day (7/07, July 7th 2013), ROBLOX released 4 hats for LOL day, the hats names were Lolzard Mohawk LOL Day CapCat in Your Hat, and Telamon’s other chicken suit.  I will do a quick review for all the items during the sale in this one article. Later on me or some other staff member might also create a review for the gear released but let’s get started!
                                    Lolzard Mohawk:
The first item released was Lolzard Mohawk, it was limited but didn’t quite work out as well as it should have. The limited glitched like some other items like leopard fedora and “fake” Chartreuse Periastron Gamma. Once this Mohawk was released, merely tweeted brighteyes about it to let her know and she replied asking him to fix it on Monday past, by now I have realized that it’s not getting fixed…. This Mohawk would have made an awesome LOL day outfit and I really hope roblox fixes it soon because it’s an awesome and deserves to be sold. The texture is very exotic, it has a Mohawk on top of a green lizard, the side of the Mohawk has rainbow colors on them. The mesh is pretty straight forward but it’s just a lizard on top of a Mohawk which fits on the user’s head.

                                                              LOL Day Cap:
The second item released was more of a freebie hat called LOL Day Cap, it is a small meshed cap with LOL written on the front, it has 2 colors (white and green). Everybody should buy this, it is 10 tickets and I imagined that it would go off sale after LOL day but it’s still on sale so everybody should buy it before it goes off sale.  This hat is diffidently worth 10 tickets, because it’s a tiny green cap full of green with a small white patch on the front with green LOL written on it.

                                    Cat in Your Hat:
The third item (Cat in Your Hat) released was a smaller item like some of the cool, cheap and regular/ random items that come out every once in a while sort of like I <3 Robots, I’ll Have Another, Rainbow Shades, etc. The hat doesn't like that great to be honest, it’s a little wool cap on the avatar’s head with a cat head coming out of the front and 4 paws coming out of each sides, and (2 on each side obviously). This hat will probably be on sale for a long, long time and might not go off sale for years to come. If you have spear robux and like cats, you might as well buy it because it’s a pretty nice looking hat.

                             Telamon’s other chicken suit:

The last item released was a revamped version of telamon’schicken suit except it has no noise and has a completely new look.  It costs 500 robux, non-limited, not even a timer so not huge profit wise but looks pretty cool if you ask me. If you have some spare money which most robloxians don’t, you might as well buy it but if you are saving up just save your money. The chicken suit is like a big chicken head with a white face and red piece on top.  The big beak on the suit has a little hole were your robloxian’s face is visible.  I’m guessing this item will go off sale in the near or distant future and become limited but if it does, it won’t profit due to so many sold.

In conclusion, LOL day sale was very good for items and looks but terrible profit wise, the sale did not make one tiny bit of profit, ROBLOX could have done a lot better with profit like even fix the Mohawk or remake it like the Fake Charteuse Periastron Gamma, which they just slapped the the name fake in front of it and recreated it due to their failure. Hopefully next day ROBLOX gives us LMAD'ers some profit!

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