Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summary: Video Game Day Items

For Video Game Day, ROBLOX released 4 awesome pixelated items. 8-Bit Viking, 8-Bit Swordpack, Video Game Tie, and 8-Bit Sunglasses. I'll be doing a quick review of all 4 in this article.

8-Bit Shades
8-Bit Sunglasses
The first 8-Bit item released were these awesome 8-Bit Shades. Priced at an affordable amount of only 100 robux, these shades make great for any video-game themed outfit. The entire hat is made up of tiny little bricks, or pixels. The pixels are all different colors rather than one boring color for the entire hat, which I think is cool. The lens of the shades are different shades of blue, most of them dark, so they actually look like shades.

Video Game Tie

Video Game Tie

The 2nd item released was this 8-bit tie, the Video Game Tie. The tie is outlined in black pixels and filled in with red pixels making a design with different shades of red. The cheapest of all the 8-bit items priced at a small 25 robux. My guess is it will be going offsale after Video Game Day, so I'd snag it while you can.

8-Bit SwordPack
8-bit SwordPack
The 3rd item released was this cool remix of the classic ROBLOX sword pack, the 8-Bit SwordPack. Priced at a pretty expensive price of 1,000 robux. Roblox made the idiotic mistake of telling everybody that it would be going limited, so sadly it will sell much lower than its original price, probably from 600 - 800 robux, maybe lower. I would suggest waiting for the timer to go off and the swordpack to go limited so you can get it for cheap.

8-Bit Viking
8-Bit Viking
The final hat released for Video Game Day, the 8-Bit Viking helm. This hat was limited when it first came out at a price of 88 robux with 2500 in stock. Although the stock is quite high, the hat looks awesome and it's at a stable rate of around 450- 500 robux, but will probably lower a day or two after Video Game Day. If you're an original owner I'd suggest selling or trading it now.