Sunday, July 7, 2013

Spotlight: Attack On Titan

From what I can gather "Attack On Titan" is a Unity game with the exact same premise as this game, while both are based on an anime of the same name, "Attack On Titan". The premise of the game is relatively simple, while being complex. You're given two swords, which seems simple enough. But with a twist, you're able to fly and sling around like Spiderman by pressing Q and E which will extend out these sort of "strings" that you'll have to get used to to be able to stand a chance against the Titans.

You'll be given "60 seconds" for a preparation period, aka you have 60 seconds to move around to a position and get comfortable with the controls, then the "simulation" will initialize, spawn the Titans, and then begin, in which you have only one life and respawns are disabled. The Titans are somewhat unpredictable, because while they are just giant humanoids, their legs don't glitch through the ground and there's a pretty good amount of them..

The best way to go about slaying the Titans is to find one that's kind-of away from the others, and start slicing at it's neck/head, although you're not guaranteed to kill them because if it's in a group you'll likely be crushed and killed. Also it's preferable you try not to go after one Titan that someone else is already taking care of, because that'll just get you or them, or both of you, killed.

Attack on Titan is a fun challenge if you're sick of some of the "easier" ROBLOX games, and I recommend you give it a try;

Also if you're wondering where the Mystery City review is, I have decided to shelf it for now since the thing I had planned has had a few.. complications. Anyway, normal schedule will continue as usual, 2 reviews/spotlights every week. I just wanted to get this one out to fulfill my quota and will start working on the next on Tuesday perhaps.