Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BLOXCon Interview: BrandonFireFlower

BloxCon Interview: BrandonFireFlower
RayMan36 here, on a deadline from arbirator to finish all of my BLOXCon interviews. I didn't quite get the username of the interviewee, but I did some digging and found him; BrandonFireFlower. He was stationed at the LuaLearners Booth all day in Chicago.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
BrandonFireFlower: I joined in 2008 when I clicked on an ad for Roblox. (Surprisingly similar to T0MALO)

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
BFF: I thought it was cool; the programming aspect was a plus.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
BFF: I'm the lead developer of LuaLearners.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
BFF: I never finished any of them, but I'm more interested in building for a group.

Ray: How is BLOXcon So far?
BFF: It's cool, I've just been stuck at a booth all day :P

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
BFF: No, but I have met some ROBLOX staff! :)

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
BFF: They're pretty friendly. 

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
BFF: Nothing yet.


I've still got one more interview from BloxCon Chicago!