Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BloxCon Interview with Crazyman32!

BloxCon Interview with Crazyman32
Hi, RayMan36 here. Today you'll read my Bloxcon Interview with crazyman32, a very well-known user. I interviewed him during the Hackathon, at about 11:00 AM. 

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
Crazyman32: My friend, gunner120, showed me one day.

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
C32: I saw roblox as really cool. Also, you could blow up stuff.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
C32: Yes. As many of you know, I make planes and other stuff.

Ray: How did you get into creating planes?
C32: I really wasn't interested in planes, I just wanted a challenge.

Ray: What is the most interesting aspect of making planes?
C32: They are really realistic.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
C32: Yes; Perilous Skies, Freeflight* and my upcoming games, stranded and Perilous Skies: New Horizons.
* I don't think Crazyman32 realized that freeflight was actually a Bloxcon trading card at that time!

Ray: How is Bloxcon So far?
C32: It's awesome.

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
C32: I met halofan987123 (admin of survival 303)

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
C32: They, as well, are awesome.

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
C32: I guess I had a box of poptarts, typical gaming food.

Ray: Thank you for your time.