Friday, July 19, 2013

Borderline: Delayed?

Well, it appears the ROBLOX "summer blockbuster" FPS Borderline has apparently been delayed, again. It was set for release in August but it appears that'll be set back thanks to the oh-so pleasant "outline" update that was set into effect about a week or so before, and since I'm one of the few that follows /r/roblox and also the factor of a slow week I've decided to cover this particular topic since I figure it would be a nice change of pace from my "reviews and spotlights". So, let's get on with it.

Needless to say as I've explained before the outlines have received a mixed reaction but it's not exactly the most pleasant especially on the dislike end according to BAUER102 in this thread.

Basically, a bunch of EBR members are pretty miffed about this and have decided to quit and several others are considering, although the thing is, they don't hate the feature, they're more of.. against if being forced upon them since it especially ruins places that heavily use c-frame because those outlines to quote, "display the inner workings of environments and models we build", or to better sum it up "decent builders relied on the ability to move parts into each other and make them look like one static one. Why are you trying to destroy such an appreciated ability?" Also featured are some "ruined" creations, may they rest in piece.

Now, onto the real reason behind this post, why Borderline was delayed and all that jazz. Feel free to direct your attention a certain /r/roblox post you'll have to find on your own. Basically the post is re-directed around the thread I had posted above but if you read down through the comments you'll see a debate between redditor and Greenday987 about Strobe and Borderline's development times so if you're into drama or like looking into these sort of controversies on ROBLOX then it should be an interesting read.

But at this point I'm pretty sure you're sick of me rambling and want me to get to the point, simply put, the outlines ruined the guns they'd had designed  as you can see by this lovely picture on the sidebar, also there's another read-up that isn't that hard to find, it has the picture on the side as it's thumbnail. Read up if you'd like to go "deeper" into the story so to speak.

So, in conclusion we could be possibly seeing another delay on Borderline until ROBLOX either gets rid of the outlines (which I very much doubt) or they make them optional. As far as my thoughts go, I agree they should be made less "intrusive" or optional since c-framing has become a very big building technique/practice and I'd hate to see it go thanks to these outlines, but if anything then I guess the Borderline guys will just have to get used to them or start re-designing their guns, whatever works.

So that's a bit of some insight for you, we'll have to see what happens but I'll surely update this post with new information when it pops up, anyway if you'd like, criticize me on what I could do to improve these sorts of posts if I decide to do one or two more in the future and as always, have a nice day and expect the usual reviews or spotlight next week.