Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BLOXcon Chicago: Video Footage

BLOXcon Chicago Logo
BLOXcons are conventions run by the ROBLOX team touring across the globe. This year, in addition to Chicago, they are visiting London and New York. BLOXcons are an excellent way of communicating with staff and users alike, but also to preview upcoming alpha and beta features.

Some of you may recall the livestream covering the Chicago BLOXcon, which was embedded onto Roblox News at the weekend. The user named Pliztef who originally hosted this, has kindly uploaded all his footage onto YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

So; if you didn't catch certain sections of the livestream or missed the entire event - now is a great opportunity to catch up on everything ROBLOX.


In addition to this lengthy recap, Plitztef has also provided us with two comical videos of events at the BLOXcon Chicago. In the first, Pliztef meets ROBLOX intern Merely and renowned user DarkGenex

In this second video, David Baszucki (the founder and CEO of ROBLOX) was asked 'Do you even lift?' Of course, everyone knows the answer to that. 

Thanks for watching!

Editor of Roblox News