Friday, July 26, 2013

ROBLOX Catalog: Fall/Winter 2013

ROBLOX 2013 Fall/Winter Catalog Events

          Hello! Chubbs21 here not with another review, but an article covering events coming up as the year is now half over! I will be covering expected and upcoming events coming soon!


August + September:

These months aren't very packed with events, but good limiteds are for sure. Last year, limiteds like Lord of the Federation came out and were amazingly successful. There might be a sequel limited to Lord of the Federation, Angel of Destruction, that was found in BrightEyes's models a few months ago. Seeing that limited quality has gone down in the past few months, it's not positive that they will be as good as 2013, but that doesn't put my hopes down. I also expect to see a Labor Day Sale, with the two Dominos possibly going limited!


This month is definitely event-packed just like December, but I'll get to that later. First, we have Halloween-themed hats! A lot of these look great especially for a spooky costume! And too add on, some spooky limiteds may arrive! :) 

Next up, gifts! Throughout the month of October, 13 gifts will arrive in the catalog. This will include a "Big Gift" that will cost 31,000R$ and inside will include either a Dominus, Domino Crown, or something else like a "flock of bats" or "icky spiders" (which never came out, so expect a Dominus or Domino Crown). I certainly plan on saving up my robux for this one, seeing that 2 years in a row it has been a Dominus. I expect to see a Domino crown, possibly one like this which was rumored around last year. (I sure hope I get it, it would look rather neat on me.)



November is also a pretty good time in the catalog, especially for the investors. There may be a Veteran's Day Sale, which again may include the two Dominos possibly going limited. 

Then, there may be a few Thanksgiving hats here and there to fit some nice native costumes. Or Turkish costumes. (Haha, get it?.....) 

Next up is the big Black Friday sale! Tons of limiteds and items going limited will appear in the Catalog along with many discounts. And don't forget, the usual Black Friday Retexture.


December is just like October, lots of gifts. Expect lots of holiday-themed hats for your holiday-themed costume! 

As for the gifts, there will be about 24 of them, usually 3 at a time. Towards the end of the month, they will open with more interesting hats! There will, again, be a "Big Gift" costing 20,000R$-40,000R$ with a bit more unknown item inside. 

The first year of the "Big Gift" there was a Red Domino Crown, along with a free Dusekkar which I can only imagine owning (until it goes limited that is ;)... ) 

The next year was a Bluesteel Domino Crown which was pretty neat. Just to say, I plan on getting a Black Iron Domino Crown instead as Black goes good with everything. That is, if it comes out; possibly this year's Holiday Big Gift? 

The next year was an unexpected turn in things, a Dual Illumina gear costing 40,000. What I'm getting at here is they may continue this Dual SFOTH gear theme this year which leaves me wanting the Halloween Big Gift instead. Rumors have it that there will be a Dual Windforce or Dual Ghostwalker, as they somewhat have Holiday colors, costing 80,000 robux (Based of a +20,000 pattern with Dual Illumina and Dual Darkhearts). You never really know what will happen until it does.

Again, the two Dominos will possibly go limited. 

In Conclusion:

These are just expected rumours, ROBLOX may change up a few things, but a lot of these things will be true. I'm chubbs21, and you have been filled in on the Fall/Winter expected events!