Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hat Review: American Commando

The fourth of July isn't just about fireworks and barbeques, It's about the history of America, the signing of the Declaration of Independence after the long Revolutionary war. And of course, it's about staying online all day and waiting for limited items on ROBLOX. The biggest item that was released is what I will be reviewing today, American Commando, a retexture of Arctic Commando made by the user Errorless.

American Commando (PUBLSIHED!!!)

"FDR would be proud."


I love the Commando series mainly because of this mesh. There is a hood to cover the back of your head, a mask to cover your mouth, and goggles to cover your eyes. They are mainly meant to look like they would be used in winter combat. I love this mesh because of a perfect opening on the top, so this hat goes great with tons of other hats, mainly caps and fedoras. The mesh looks great and is fitting with many hats, so it gets a 10/10.


The texture of this hat is also really nice. The hood part consists of red and white stripes, the mask part is blue with white stars, and the goggles are a shade of black or grey. This hat makes me think of the American flag, red and white stripes, and white stars on a blue background. The goggles are just another detail to make the hat look nice and realistic. As I said while reviewing the mesh, these hats make me think of warfare in a desert. Well, if a really patriotic american goes to war, this would be a great hood for them to wear. Errorless did a great job. I'm also giving this a 10/10.


Sadly, ROBLOX is known to ruin items that look great and have high potential. That's what they did with this item. Instead of making it a Limited U, they did something that made tons of people mad. They priced it at 10,000 Robux, it's not a bad price, but they put it on a timer for one hour and then clearly stated that it would go limited after the time ran out. It did go limited, but it's only profiting about 2,000-3,000 Robux. It's not completely failing, but it will most likely not raise, giving the buyers not a lot of profit. ROBLOX ruined yet another item with great potential, so I'm giving the price a 7/10.

Compared to.. ( 8/10):

Because of the fact this only rose about 5,000 Robux, I'm just going to compare it to other items priced 10,000 Robux.

Poor man (Worse than American Commando)
Poor Man
Poor man is a face created three years ago. It is WAY too expensive. It's an ugly face priced at 10,000 Robux, no wonder it only has 65 sales.

Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword (Worse than American Commando)
Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword
Spec Omega Biograph Energy Sword, besides having a really long name, is a gear published last year during the Black Friday sale. It was originally 5,000 Robux, but it rose. Its making about the same profit American Commando did, but has less change to raise, as it was made last year.

Illumivision Mystic (Better than American Commando)
Illumivision Mystic
Illumivision Mystic was created a little over a year ago. It is currently the same price American Commando originally was, but the great thing about it is the fact it was originally 3,000 Robux, so it's making about twice as much profit than American Commando. It's a great hat and looks really nice, so I'd say it's better than American Commando.

Overall: 8.5/10

American Commando is a great looking hat, fit for fighting a desert war in America. It looks really nice, and maker Errorless did a great job on it. Sadly, ROBLOX ruined it with the price. Compared to other items around the same price, it's not bad, but it's not the best. If you own it I'd try to sell it now, because I doubt it will raise much, if at all.