Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: Legoblock Adventure 4: Rise of Shadows

Today we're looking at what you could perhaps call a "unique" breed of game, and what would that be? An adventure game. No not adventure as in "go along this linear area as a script causes certain events at certain intervals". I mean one that involves platforming, and token collecting. So, shall we put on our adventuring boots and jump into the end of a series (apparently!) that is Legoblock Adventure 4?


Gameplay is what I would expect from pretty much any adventure game, lots and lots of platforming, and a few puzzles here and there. But does that make it uninspired? Not really, it's a common thing but this game reminds me of TylerMcBride's Roblox Adventure series in particular. But anyway, over all 7 (full length) worlds, you'll be visiting a variety of settings, from green, lush terraces, to the dirty, abandoned skeleton of what used to be a bustling theme park. There are 6 tokens in each world, 4 normal ones, one red coin one (there are 3 red coins per level, find them all for a token), and a "Quackers" one, in which Frank loses his pet duck, Quackers over 7 times, but besides that those are your objectives and they're not too difficult to carry out. (or are they?)


While most of the building within the game is basic, it gets the job done and fits the "simplistic adventure" style I suppose you could say, but of course there is c-frame here and there to spice things up. Also, there's some pretty snazzy music to keep the game going but you'll have to ask legoblockguy about what songs they are, from what I know they're mostly from Banjo Kazooie.

I'll come out and say this now, the game is not built entirely by the owner, but he has used the models which may I add, are all from TylerMcBride's games(if you wanna know more about these I'll talk about them later) which is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, in-fact this is quite good since Tyler's stuff hasn't gone to waste and the stuff he's made free has been used to give birth to games like this!


Early on, the level design is pretty generic, but quickly ramps up to more interesting obstacles and visuals so if you keep playing, the more interesting and fun it gets you could say. Although, without saying much, the conclusion is a bit weak compared to what could've been done..


LegoBlock Adventure 4 can be summed up as a very fun, but uninspired adventure. While I applaud legoblockguy for making a good adventure, but if he makes another adventure game or series, then I think he needs to find inspiration elsewhere, as I've seen enough TylerMcBride styled adventures to be honest, but this is just my opinion and don't let it sour up your experience, enjoy the game for what it is.

While I close on this "review", it's probably best to explain why there was only two posts last week, I will only do a 2nd spotlight in a week if I find time for it, although there is very likely to be a short, but important post about a delay in the long awaited ROBLOX shooter, Borderline. But while I'm still here, I might as well leave this.
Coming Soon.