Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Roblox Outlines: Not-so-clever

As many of you may have been notified; reminded of, ROBLOX have now implemented an outline for every brick and terrain on the graphical side of ROBLOX. These updates can, to an extent, annoy many of us users who prefer the normal, signature style of the graphics ROBLOX possesses.

ROBLOX have been trying to make a style of graphics that gives the site a unique 'identity'. For example if you see an advert on the Television you would instantly tell it is ROBLOX because the graphics; style is the normal look you are used to. In my point of view, the new outlines aren't a necessary update; I could think of many updates that could take it's place: fixing the dynamic lighting & shadow lag; a new personal messaging system; fixing the online system so that as soon as the person signs off, their status is set to offline. Things like that are needed, unnecessary outlines that are completely irrelevant to the classic style of ROBLOX are certainly not needed.

Here is a picture of this not-a-clever-move update:
As you can see, this update is a lot of the time unnoticeable; on this picture I enlarged it so if you look carefully - you can see the outline. Personally I think it's like something that ticks away in your sub-conscious, but either way it will still get on your mind. Sometimes it is a lot bigger and a lot more noticeable. That's why many people are fed-up with updates that aren't helping us view things on a different level.

While I can see why they added this aesthetic update - individuals can clearly identity the graphic style as being a ROBLOX game, ROBLOX is about letting the users build whatever they want. Restricting the style of bricks is counter-intuitive to this ideal. Plus, if you're going to put the time into making a visual upgrade to the game to create a form of site identity - at least make it noticeable (to, you know... identify the product).

I went on Trade Hangout, and I went to the kestrel shop. When you are looking at a plastic building or a building with Block Meshes in it, it is very well visible; I do not find it possible to ignore the lines, it's like my fathers HDTV, it has a line through the middle of the screen.

Thanks for reading my view and rant about the new ROBLOX outlines.

~Zakary Wilson

Edited by arbirator