Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hat Review: Magical Mystery Hat

Over the course of this week, ROBLOX has released some random limiteds during the day. By far, the worst limited of the week was, of course, a great looking hat that got ruined by ROBLOX. It is the..

Magical Mystery Hat
Mesh: 10/10

The mesh looks great. It's a top hat with a nice band held together by what looks like a large button. On the button are three feather-like things, not 100% sure what they are, but they look like feathers so I'm going to call them features. It fits nicely on your ROBLOXian's head, going well with most headphones and shades. It looks great, and goes well with most hats, so it gets a 10/10.

Texture: 10/10

The texture goes with the mesh very nicely. The main top hat is red with a nice texture overlay to make it stand out. The band is blue with darker shadows, same with the button. The three features are cyan/green, neon/yellow, and pink/purple. The texture looks very nice on the mesh, probably being one of the best looking limiteds in a while. It looks great, and goes nicely with the mesh, so it gets a 10/10.

Price: 7/10

This hat looks great, though, ROBLOX is known to ruin great looking items by overpricing and overstocking them. They did this (once again) with this hat. It was at first 5,000 Robux with 250 in stock. This hat is NOT worth that much. It should have probably been like 1,000 Robux with the same stock, then it would profit nicely, possibly reaching highs of 2,500 Robux. Original buyers who sell for RAP (Recent Average Price) right now will loose about 2,200 Robux, just plain awful. This price was just insane, which is why it gets a 7/10. 

Compared to.. (7/10)

Mr. Hatbot
Mr. Hatbot is a classic item from 2009. It is priced at 5,000 Robux, along with all the other hats being reviewed. It is a non-limited, though looks better than the Magical Mystery Hat, and doesn't loose profit for owners so it is better than Magical Mystery Hat. 

Frost Vision Goggles
Frost Vision Goggles is a retexture of Night Vision Goggles, created in early 2012. Once again, they look better than the Magical Mystery Hat, and doesn't loose profit for owners, so it is better than Magical Mystery Hat. 

Bluesteel Crown
Bluesteel Crown is another retexture created a few months ago. It doesn't really appeal to me, and doesn't really go well with other hats, so I'm going to say that it's a bit worse than Magical Mystery Hat.

Overall: 8/10

Overall, Magical Mystery Hat is a great looking item, ruined by ROBLOX with it's high price and large stock. Compared to other items at the same price, it is one of the worst. The only 'magical mystery' about this item is why it was priced so high.

Thanks for reading!