Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hat Review: Chicago: The Windy City

It's most ROBLOXian's favorite time of year as long as they bought tickets a few months in advance, Bloxcon! (Formerly known as Roblox Game Conference and ROBLOX Rally). This year, the event will be held in three different places, yesterday, the 13th of July, Bloxcon was held in Chicago. Later in the month, there will be one in London, and about a month from now there will be one in New York City. Well, during the day, a limited was released (surprisingly not causing havoc at Bloxcon);

Chicago: The Windy City
"And each time I roam, Chicago is /  Calling me home, Chicago is /  Why I just grin like a clown /  It's my kind of town"


The mesh is really nice. There are 2 large buildings, most likely the Sears Tower and Trump Tower. There is also a flag, a sign, a bowl, and a ball with horns. It is set up like a few other ROBLOX limiteds that I really don't recall what they're called (tweet me: @pbjmsRBLX if you know). Anyways, all of those things are set on a base that sits on your head. It looks really nice, and defiantly represents Chicago, so I'm giving the mesh a 10/10


The texture really makes the mesh pop, revealing the flag to be none other than the Chicago flag. The ball is a basketball with horns (representing the Chicago Bulls), and the bowl is pizza. One tower is colored blue with white lines, my guess is that is is the Trump Tower. The other tower is grey with black lines and two lightning rods, most likely the Sears Tower. The sign also says, (I believe) "Play Ball Chicago" The grass on the bottom is, like a lot of grass, awful. It's pretty much just green with black spots. The "toppings" are nice, a bit plain, but nice. Though the grass looks awful, I'm giving the texture a 9/10.


The great part about this hat is the price. It was the cheap amount of 100 Robux. It was a limited U item with 2,500 in stock. It took a few minutes to sell out, and now it's selling for around 300-350 Robux. Original buyers get a little over 100 Robux profit, doubling what they bought the hat for. This hat profited a little more than what it sold for, so I'm giving it a 10/10 for the price.

Compared To: 9/10

Paint Bucket
Paint Bucket
Paint Bucket is a gear made in 2009 for 100 Robux, just like the other items below. It allows owners to paint any unlocked bricks in games where it is allowed. Although there is no profit with this item, it's classic and fun, so I'm saying it's better than The Windy City.

Xtreme Rainbow Hair
Xtreme Rainbow Hair
Xtreme Rainbow Hair is a hat made recently for 100 Robux. It looks plain awful, and is by far worse than The Windy City

Space Trooper
Space Trooper
Space Trooper is an awful looking package made in 2011, also for 100 Robux. I really don't see the point in all those pads covering up your clothes, and I rarely ever see people wearing it, so it's most likely unliked by the community, so I'm going to say it's worse than The Windy City.

Overall: 9.5/10

Chicago: The Windy City is a great looking limited to represent one of the windiest cities in the United States. The texture is alright, but a bit plain, and the mesh really shows all the great things to see in Chicago. It profited nicely, over 100 Robux profit. Compared to other items at it's original price, it's one of the best, but beaten by few. Thanks for reading!