Thursday, July 4, 2013

USA All the Way Hat Review

USA all the Way
"Its from a book that is a combination of batman and V for Vendetta. I win."

Mesh - 7/10 This is a good top hat mesh, but the only problem I have is that it makes the top hat lanky and flimsy. Maybe that's why roblox made a new top hat, this one looks like the cat in the hat. It just seems too wide and too tall.

Texture - 6/10 This texture the simple stripes and stars, but nothing more. A bit plain. There are a ring of stars as the top hat band, red and white stripes, then just blue and white.

Overall - 6/10 This is a simple american top hat, but the mesh looks unappealing, and the texture is basic.It does look slightly better on your character, but this hat isn't even for sale anymore, probably because it is to old and was replaced by another american top hat.

There wasn't much to review on this hat, I reviewed the winner of last post's contest. Tweet me who made this quote, and I'll review your hat.