Monday, July 15, 2013

BLOXCon Chicago: Introduction

BloxCon Interviews

Hi, RayMan36 here. As many of you know, I went to bloxcon last Saturday and had a great time. Arbirator gave me a mission: Interview as many famous users as possible. I did, and many users now know me as "that hatbot kid", wearing this hat:                                                                                  It was great at BloxCon. 

Here's some things that I did:
  1. Interviewed users
  2. Participated in the Hackathon with user Leperdy
  3. Went in the R&D lab (This was really playing on Roblox with super powered laptops).
  4. Went to the main stage presentation
  5. Bought some stuff at the merchandise booth
  6. Traded Roblox Trading Cards with other users
  7. Livestreamed the livestream livestreaming the livestream with users liama517 and Darkgenex
  8. Spun the free Roblox Stuff Wheel and won a favorite by an admin
  9. Tried to ask Merely some interview questions
  10. Got turned down by Merely
  11. Got ashamed by how cool people could build stuff
Overall, I had a ton of fun.

For some of my upcoming posts, I'll be writing down the interviews with people at BloxCon. Here's the questions I asked them:

  1. When Did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
  2. What persuaded you to join Roblox?\
  3. Do you do anything special on Roblox?
  4. Have you ever made a popular Roblox Level? what is it called?
  5. How's Bloxcon so far?
  6. Have you met any well-known users today?
  7. What do you think of the staff?
  8. (Requested by arbirator) What did you have to eat today?