Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Underrated Hat of the Week: Monster Sergeant

Monster Sergeant 
Monster Sergeant
During a casual visit to Trade Hangout created the famous investor and ROBLOX intern; Merely, I noticed a user wearing a hat I hadn't seen before. Now, while this isn't unheard of in the world of arbirator - there are plenty of old hats I forget about or simply never notice, it did strike me that I missed such a good looking item. Linking this back to the title, I believe the Monster Sergeant is underrated because of its relatively low quantity of sales and favourites - considering it's over two years old.

Boasting a detailed texture with imperfections all across the helm, the Monster Sergeant has obviously seen the battlefield. The worn look indicates the experience of the wearer and how they have risen to the rank of Sergeant through the years of valiant service. Maybe I'm looking into this too much - but I don't think so.

The shape of the helmet is also another appealing feature to this fearsome item. Sitting quite low on your ROBLOXian's head, unlike some other hats in the same genre, it fits excellently. The eye slits are aligned well with a user's face  and the gap between the two sides of the helm allow for the mouth to be shown. As you can see from the image above, I have used this in conjunction with the Ghostface to create an effective, menacing monster. However, the best aspect of the hat's shape is of course the horns! They protrude out of the sides of the helm whereas usually they would extend upwards. This is an unusual decision taken by the 3D artist behind this hat, and it merits an applause. Breaking the mould and creating something new can be difficult, but this hits all the right buttons.

For a price of 110 R$, the Monster Sergeant is a steal when comparing to other similar items such the Ram Horned Helm of Sir Ralston (426R$) and the Golden Helmed Horns of the Hight Blood (250R$). With a cool mesh - which fits snugly on a ROBLOXian's head, a great battle-scarred texture and an awesome pair of  horns you'd be silly not to purchase this rocking helm.

      Arbirator's Verdict: 

There's a monster in all of us. All except BrightEyes; she's incapable of such evil.