Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hat Review: Webbed Wings

Hello! Pbjms here with another hat review. Today I'll be reviewing an okay looking pare of wings made the other day - Webbed Wings.

Webbed Wings
Mesh: 7/10

The mesh looks like an average pare of deadly dragon wings, fit to the back of your ROBLOXian's torso. There are two wings, each with a main vein stretching through the wings, kind of looking like claws. Inside is what I called the webs, filling in the vein parts to help the dragon fly. The wings really don't look THAT great, I could see ROBLOX doing better. I think the wings deserve a 7/10 for the mesh.

Texture: 6/10

The texture isn't that nice, and fails to makes the mesh look good. The web parts are green, with some shadows, while the veins are black, also with some shadows. There are - what looks like - some orange/brown veins that I really don't like, I don't even understand the purpose of them. The texture isn't the worst I've ever seen - but I'm sure that the staff could do better. I'm giving it an 6/10.

Price: 6/10

Webbed Wings are priced at 750 Robux, once again, another flaw with the item. It's overpriced - as most hats nowadays are. Only about 150 sold within the past day -  and they really don't look too bad. If I were to price things, I would price these wings in the 250 - 500 Robux range, the wings really aren't worth that much - as they don't even look that good. The wings are too expensive, so I'm giving them a 8/10 for the price.

Compare to.. ( 6/10)

DJ Headphones (Better)
DJ Headphones
These headphones look really nice, and fit great on your ROBLOXian's head. They also go well with plenty of caps, top hats, and fedoras.

Tempest Blades (Better)
Tempest Blades
Tempest Blades is a gear that lets you use dual blades in places where it is allowed. I really like the idea of dual swords, and it's a really powerful weapon, defiantly worth the 750 Robux, unlike the wings. 

Awesomesaurus Rex (Better)
Awesomesaurus Rex
As the name suggests, this package is pretty awesome. It's a scaly dinosaur, green with red spikes and claws. It's probably one of my favorite "you can't wear clothes" packages out there. 

Overall: 6/10

Overall, these wings really aren't fantastic. They don't look great, and are a little overpriced. Compared to other items at the same price, they don't really stack up.

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