Friday, July 26, 2013

Kestrel - high quality clothes or overpriced shoddy clothes for the pretentious?

Taken at the Trade Hangout by Merely.

Kestrel a fairly old clothing group which currently has the owner Ojo1234, has recently gained quite a lot of fame with the construction of it's new stores which are set in famous place such as Paris, Venice, Dublin, Washington and many other famous cities. With all of it's success like most things it always has his controversial problems such as the high prices of Kestrel's clothing. Suits can be up to 18 Robux as shown below.

Many complain the clothing it to simple for such high prices however many do disagree, Kestrel seems to be everywhere now. From your friends wearing it, to ads everywhere, to stores even being in some of your favorite social places. As their slogan is 'Clothing at its best', but would everyone agree?