Sunday, July 14, 2013

Strategizing: TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Heaven

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"Strategizing" is a new series of sorts I'll do once in a while, in which I pretty much give you the run-down on a certain game, and give the best possible advice on what to do to stay on top. The first game we'll be taking a look at is TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Heaven, which is pretty much your run of the mill sword fighting game with a twist, featuring about 100 swords to use. There are 10 tiers in the game, in which you need to buy every sword, and get a kill at least once too, then you will move onto the next tier. Simple enough? Good.

While there isn't exactly much "strategy" to the game besides the generic swordfighting tactics, there are a few weapons that are pretty broken and stand out, and obviously I will be listing them! Also yes the links to the actual gear will be provided so you may go anger everyone you know with these lovely items!

7. Chief Gaurdsman Spear

I know what you're thinking; "chief gaurdsman spear? that item's foor noobs!" No, not really, the main advantage this item has over a good majority of the other swords in the game is that it packs a killer range. Someone running towards you with a short-ranged sword? Thrust out the spear, watch them get bloxxed. (if their sword doesn't have some sort of ranged attack)

 6. Skeleton King's Sword

If anything, the Skeleton King's Sword makes it onto this list for one reason, the spin move. (tap "w" twice and left click) Once you accomplish this, your character will pull out two swords and start spinning at an uncontrollable speed, and thanks to the sword having a 20% chance to break joints, it's going to get some work done if you time it correctly.

5. Ice Breaker
The Ice Breaker is arguably one of the most fun to use swords to use in the game, press Q to go stationary and send out a stream of chilling, deadly frost at your foes to freeze them into an ice cube, and then finish the job with a smash to the good 'ol plastic cranium. Although please note that if you attempt to freeze an enemy it will freeze your teammates to try to refrain from doing that, unless you're evil or something then go ahead

4. The Break Up
At first glance the Break Up may look like a re-skin of the normal crowbar, but you'd be mistaken, oh so very mistaken. The difference here? An entirely different animation, and possibly even deadlier than the original. But the main kicker to this sword is the animation can be spammed several times just by rapidly clicking, which results in pretty much any foe walking up to you losing their hats, their sword, and their dignity. Yes this weapon also breaks teammate's hats/and or swords..

3. Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators

The Darksteel Katana is a controversial weapon, mostly due to it's hidden ability, upon pressing "a", "w", and "d" rapidly, you release a long range explosion from the sword killing anything in-front of you. It also works on your teammates, if you're a troll or something but we won't get into that. It also features a dash which is cool I guess, but what could possibly be better than a sword that explodes? Also please note that this sword does not count explosion kills for points. So if you wanted to farm with this then you're kinda outta luck.

2. Dreamwalker's Dagger

Besides looking insanely cool, the Dreamwalker's Dagger isn't all looks, it features a thrust/dash which you'll primarily be using to get around with, and if you press "q", a bunch of mini-versions of the dagger will come flying out, possibly 1 hit killing enemies, or just making "z"s appear above their heads. What I recommend you do with this sword, is thrust toward the enemy, or enemies, and hit Q as soon as you're close enough to them, the swords should fly right into their face killing them, and leaving you with only a few scratches or none at all.

1. Towering Inferno Sword
Okay, okay, before you go about preparing to call me whatever names you can come up with on short notice, just listen, the Towering Inferno sword deals mediocre damage, but when you lunge with it, it creates a column of fire right in-front of where it was pointing, which will burn anyone to a crisp that walks near it. Also yes, this sword does count points and is by far the best one to farm points with next to The Break Up.

Honorable Mention
Dagger of Shattered Dimensions
The Dagger of Shattered Dimensions features one main reason to pick it up, upon pressing "q", you will release a shock-wave that will freeze enemies for a few seconds, which results in easy picking. If you could use the ability more than once though, this dagger would've made it onto the list, but alas, you cannot.

So there you have it, I've pretty much told you how to "win" TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Heaven, while of course there are many other interesting swords these are just the ones I found most effective while playing, and yes all of these can be found as real gear, and bought. Although I'd like to note a few things about the game;
  • The Sorcus Sword of Judgement does not have the "sphere" ability anymore, making it sort of mediocre.
  • You cannot summon "zombies" or whatever with the Telamon's Foe Hammer, making it slightly above average.
  • Tier 10 pretty much consists of the Spartan Sword and Shield, the Scimitar, Dual Darksteel Katanas, Foe Hammer, a bunch of SFOTH Swords, and the Dreamwalker Dagger (which is the only one worth using to be honest).

If this post does get enough traction I will do a review for this game, and while it won't be sugar coated, it will be fun to get my opinion on all of TheGamer's games out in one review. But as I said, I'm going to save it, I will be going back to regular schedule this week, with two reviews, one including LegoBlock Adventure 4, and another featuring, well, you'll have to see, and possibly a spotlight if I can fit in the time. Thanks to the Steam Summer Sales I'm kinda more occupied with the games I have atm, but do not worry I am not going anywhere. As always, good day, and have a nice week. Also, if you care enough leave a comment down below on what game you'd like to see reviewed/spotlighted soon, or heck even a strategy guide.