Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dual Gear Review- Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard and Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame!

The theme of the gear for this week was ROBLOX admins, meaning each gear for this week was themed around a ROBLOX admin's personality. Today I'll be reviewing two of them, the Sparkle Time Hoverboard (inspired and coded by Merely),  and the Golden Chalice of Fame (inspired by his twin brother Seranok).

Merely's Sparkle Time Hoverboard

The Sparkle Time Hoverboard is based off of the Hoverboard scripts made by Merely for Project Voxel, a collaborative racing game project that has been put on hold for a while now. If you haven't noticed, the script of the Ro-Peds compared to the script of the skateboards is much more dynamic and works much better at handling and control. The Sparkle Time Hoverboard combines the efficiency of the Ro-Ped and the awesome look of the ROBLOX skateboards to create the ultimate transportation experience. The hoverboard is easy to control and what's nice is that the camera dynamically follows the hoverboard so you don't have to change the camera angle when turning. Plus, this gear can charge up a special boost move which speeds it up and makes it jump high into the air. The sparkle time look benefits this gear, as it makes it look great. It was originally 400 robux and is limited with 2500 in stock. This hoverboard currently has great demand, and is worth 1600-1800 robux. Thumbs up to Merely for making one of the best gears in a while.

Overall: 10/10

Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame

Seranok's Golden Chalice of Fame is also a really good gear. This gear has a great texture and sparkles. When used it summons a couple of AIs that follow you. These AIs are really cool because they have randomized hats, heads, tshirts, shirts, and faces that make each one of them look like a standard new ROBLOX user. They also say "cliche noob phrases" and follow you everywhere because they're "your fans". Its a funny and comedic gear, and is definitely worth the 525 robux. It is currently timed and unknown whether it will go limited (which I personally think it shouldn't), however when it first came out ROBLOX item notifiers sent fake notifies about it going limited, so that might be a sign that it will go limited. Still, it's a great gear and I recommend picking it up today.

Overall: 10/10

There is no real winner between both of these gears; they're both great. This has definitely been one of the best gear weeks this summer, and I hope August's gear weeks live up to the excellent quality of these two gears. August is considered by many as the last month of summer before school begins, and that means ROBLOX usually releases the best limiteds this month.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager