Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game Review - Gun Run

Hello there everybody! This is Robloxer032 and I'm here with another Game Review!

Also, sorry for the incredible amount of time I was inactive, but my computer was being annoying and I couldn't load any games at all. However, I got a new gaming computer some days ago and I can write reviews again!

Well, on to the Review!

hikia's Place Number: 8_Image

Today I'm reviewing Gun Run, a recent game made by Hikia. The place sky-rocketed to the top of the frontpage just minutes after its publishing and currently holds a stable position on the first to second pages of the Games section.

What you first see when you enter the game is a big, white, semi-transparent box. A box in which you spawn in. Now that I think about it, the lobby is really dull and boring, not like the colorful lobbies with bouncy balls and stuff. Oh wait, those are boring too.

Moments after you spawn, a voting GUI appears. The purpose of this GUI is, of course, to vote on which map to play. When everyone has voted, the game chooses the map and the shooter, who is given an insta-kill Sniper Rifle. Then, everyone else is teleported to the start of the map, which is esentially a box, too. 

After some seconds pass, the door to the outside opens and you're finally able to play. The purpose of the game is simple; Just run to the other side of the map without letting the shooter kill you. It is actually easier than it sounds. When you make it to the other side, you trespass a translucent green wall and enter the "Safe Zone". What this green wall does is prevent the shooter from shooting you.

And that's all this game is about. Essentially a simple concept, but it sure is a lot of fun.

Now, on to the Ratings.

Building: 6/10

Even if the lobby is as simple as I explained, the maps are very well done, with some basic CFraming here and there.

Scripting: 7/10

The only script in the whole game is the randomizer script, which has been seen in many types of games across all genres. It is still hard to implement.

Creativity: 6/10

This type of game hasn't been done that many times. However, I remember there was once a game with this same concept but wasn't as popular as this one is.

Effort: 8/10

As I said, the maps are really well done, and fit really well with the game.

Fun: 10/10

The game is as fun as it can get. It is also very amusing when someone on your side is killed by a shot meant for you.

Overall: 7/10


     Make up game modes which retain the concept but use it in a different way
     Use more than one shooter in certain maps to increase difficulty
     Make the AFK button work
     Try inserting an anti-hack script

This was a short review by Robloxer032. Thanks for reading.