Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paper ROBLOX 2: Beyond The Fold - Review.

Paper ROBLOX 2: Beyond The Fold is an adventure game created by the amazing Explode1, with a giant map and endless places to explore and things to do. The map is your regular classic Blox adventure map, that is well coloured and is giant. Explode1 has also created the famous Brickbattle map: Waterfall Fortress. 

Gameplay - 6/10.

Maybe it's just me but sometimes when playing the adventures I get lost and it's not clear where I should go next. Sometimes I even manage skipping a few levels without even knowing it. But it is a great game. When starting in the lobby you have the chance to RP (Roleplay) by changing your character into a paper character. There are many characters to choose from when changing your avatar into paper. You also get points after adventures when finding objects like crumpled paper which can be rewarding after an adventure by yourself or with a friend. There is NCP in the game which you can talk to and ask about mission which gives it a very nice feel.

Map - 10/10.

Truly a spectacular map, everything about this map to me is perfect. He perfectly nailed the towns, forests, beaches, islands, deserts, mountains and all the places to explore, there's a train station to get to other parts of this beautiful world. In one mission I noticed there is a parallel universe of the town you start off in, all of Explode's effort has clearly been put into the map of this game. If you've never seen the first Paper ROBLOX it's map is also excellent but this one brings it to a whole new level! You'll zoom out and look around and be amazed at the clear skill and talent added to the map.

Over all - 8/10.

Great game over all, great place to visit and come back to! For all you adventurous ROBLOX players out there, this is the perfect game for you. Visited over 121k times and favorited over 6k.