Monday, July 29, 2013

Strategizing: Roblox Battle Part 1: The Slingshot

So, thus starts the first "series" for Strategizing, ROBLOX Battle is considered by most to be the "next-gen" brickbattle game so I thought I'd help the players having trouble with the game and being unable to learn the mechanics and many strategies behind each weapon, some more complex than others. Why not start off with what many consider the "weakest", the very looks-can-be-deceiving slingshot.

Now, I know what you're thinking "dis thing loks so wek lel xD" but truth be told, the slingshot is something much more than what you see. First, let's examine it down to the mechanics, fires a spherical projectile in an arced pattern unless you shoot it downwards, simple enough, deals about 4 damage each, okay. The farther you fire it out the arc will get deeper, but the slingshot always shoots the same when aim at the same spot, so this can be used to your advantage.

The main perk of using the slingshot is it can be used to harass foes on higher, or lower elevations which can make them easy picking if they don't react fast enough to escape your barrage of pellets. This can be particularly seen against someone with a sword, they start running towards you, start backpedaling and shooting them with the slingshot which will kill them if they keep running towards you in a linear path and slashing. Rockets can also be blown up with the slingshot projectiles but it's generally not recommended if they're close range since it'll likely get you killed.

In whole, the slingshot is best used as a harassment tool and for killing off weaker enemies, if pitted against something like a sword it does the job right, it's not something to pull out all the time but it's good for when you're facing a group of enemies that all have below 50% or so HP. Just remember to not use it against deflectors.. Anyway, onto the matchups. 

V.S. Rocket Launcher

It's generally not recommended to use a slingshot against someone with a rocket launcher unless they're medium/long range as you can blow up their projectiles with the projectiles although close range as I said before may get you killed. If they're not targeting you directly and have kind-of low health I'd say it's safe to engage them since they're clueless of your presence.

V.S. Superball

Going up against a superball user with a slingshot is pretty much suicide, since the superball is a very erratic weapon, it could ricochet off someone else and kill you, or it could fly off of a wall or the ground and smash you into pieces. Although if you insist, you'll want to engage them at very close range and generally at least a bit weak since at anything else other than close range they easily have the advantage.

V.S. Sword

Easy, the slingshot user has the big advantage here since you can easily just backpedal and keep shooting the sword wielder until they run off or keep running blindly as I'd stated before. Although it they ambush you off guard you may have a little trouble.

V.S. Time-bomb

Apologies for the lack of a better thumbnail, but anyway this can go either way, long range is a definite win for you with the slingshot since the bomb isn't too much of a long range weapon, though mid and short range are worrying depending on if they don't blow themselves up priming the bomb first or if they actually catch you off guard, all I can say here is if you don't think they're skilled with a bomb, go for it but keep distance.

V.S. Deflector

The deflector is another worry you'd probably want to keep an eye out for, since if they can close the distance between you and them your slingshot projectiles will do little to no damage to your opponent and probably kill you. So it's very much advised to avoid using the slingshot completely against those with deflectors.

V.S. Another Slingshot

This can go either way, it all really depends on who can land the most hits or who has the most health and/or dignity to keep with a slingshot for the full fight.

 And thus, that concludes the first part of seven of this series on ROBLOX Battle, the next part will probably be out this week if I get bored or next week, which will cover the time-bomb or the sword, we're going from weakest, to strongest weapons I suppose you could say but part 7 will cover the maps and other components of the game, we're just staying simple for now.

As always, thanks for reading.