Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BLOXCon interview: DarkGenex!

BloxCon Interview: DarkGenex
Hi Robloxians, Today I'll finish up my Chicago interviews with a very famous user I met. when I first met him, his initial thought was: "Hey, let's get Pliztef over here to Livestream the Livestream." It's the world famous pro lifter: DarkGenex.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
DarkGenex: I was sick in February 2010. I wanted to play a free zombie game, so I googled it. Then I found Roblox. 

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
Dark: They had what I initially searched for: A free Zombie Game.

Ray: How did you get your username?
 Dark: I was deeply into Yu-Gi-Oh at the time. I wanted to name my character Genex, after a type of Yu-Gi-Oh card. Since that username was already taken, I added 'Dark' in front of it.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
Dark: I retexture, invest, leak items, and I used to forum.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
Dark: Yeah, but none of them have really skyrocketed. I am working on something with TechTeam911 called BLOXCards, a Roblox Trading card game.

Ray: How is Bloxcon So far?
Dark: It's good, but my AlienWare laptop's plug is too big for the ones available at the Hackathon.

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
Dark: I've met tons of users: Crazyman32, Merely, and Clonetrooper1019.

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
Dark: They're nice.

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
Dark: I had a Subway wheat, turkey, and american cheese sandwich. I believe more people should eat this.


I hope you liked all the Chicago Interviews! Please tell me how they were, and be ready to read a ton of BloxCon London interviews from Arbirator himself!