Thursday, July 18, 2013

BloxCon Interview: Leperdy

BloxCon Interview with Leperdy
Hi, RayMan36 here. Today you'll read my BloxCon interview with a medium known user, leperdy.
I interviewed him during the hackathon, and while waiting in line for bloxcon to begin.

RayMan36: When did you join Roblox? How did you find out about the site?
leperdy: I joined in 2008, because i wanted to make a free game that was cool.

Ray: What persuaded you to join the site?
LP:You can just build. I liked the creative freedom.

Ray: Do you do anything special on Roblox?
LP: I made the popular social group Random Insanity, and I am also somewhat of a game developer.

Ray: Have you ever tried to make any ROBLOX games?
LP: I've made many games, but I am working on something that is Upwards of my other games!\

Ray: How is Bloxcon So far?
LP: It's legit.

Ray: Have you met any well- known users today?
LP: I've met crazyman32, darkgenex, and builderman.

Ray: What do you think of the staff?
LP: They're splendid.

Ray: Finally, what did you have to eat today?
LP: I had a fruit parfait today.

Ray: Thank you for your time.