Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gifts of Summer Event. Meet the First Few.

The event has returned. For its second year of fun and excitement. What is this event? This event represented kindness and more by allowing for the staff to give out gifts with special presents inside. I for one called this "Gifts of July" last year, but now I've changed its name to "Gifts of Summer Event" in order to accommodate with all three Summer vacation months.

There will be 31 gifts this year with maybe a few secret ones. Each one will be unique in its own way, some easy to obtain, some hard. The ones that are hard will have something added to them. Some won't.

Here are the first few:

Name: Burning Gift of Frozen West
Burning Gift of Frozen West
Description: This gift is completely frozen, but is unable to melt. There have been rumors flying around that this isn't really frozen, but it's made of some type of solid material that isn't ice... Nobody knows if these rumors are true, but some experts have hinted to them being true..... The flame mysteriously disappears as well, also an unsolved truth. Guess what material this is made out of... Available on July 5, 2013. For a few hours. Get it early! Guess what material this is made out of via Twitter or Roblox.

Name: Blizzardy Gift of Stormy Weather
Blizzardy Gift of Stormy Weather
Description: This gift has been available for the past year. Back when California's weather was actually cloudy during the Winter time. It's back and better than ever. Still free at this time.

Name: Gift of Extreme Shopping
Gift of Extreme Shopping
Description: One of the garbage timed "gifts." Becomes available on 7/5/2013 for a few hours.

That's it for this week. Check back for more interesting gifts. Including one available for 10 seconds.