Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hat Review: Industrial Revolutionary

Mesh - 10/10 This mesh is absolutely great. I love the steampunk cog, and how the whole hat looks like half of a gear. DarkGenex (the creator of the retexture) was certainly right in picking this mesh. The hat sits nicely on a ROBLOXians head, which is definitely a plus. 

Texture - 10/10 The texture is a great american industrial revolutionary flag, like the flag from Bioshock Infinite. I like the rusted gold in the border and in the cogs. The small imperfection details on the flag and the texture as a whole, really bring out the flare in this item. 

Price - 9/10 This item was R$ 300 on July 4th. It might seem a little pricey, but it was timed, so I bought it the minute I saw it. When looking at the quality of the texture and the interesting shape of the hat itself, I think the 300R$ price tag was just right. This hat might also have a small chance of becoming limited - maybe next year.

Overall - 10/10 This hat was a great steampunk fourth of July item, perfect with the limited steam of Columbia. I would've highly recommended getting, as it was mildly cheap and was timed. If it goes limited, be sure to snag it up straight away as there are only 1069 copies in circulation! Fun fact: the Industrial Revolutionary has the same amount of sales as another patriotic themed hat; the Founding Fathers' Tricorn. Weird huh?


Edited by arbirator