Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Possession by Narutoworl


I can easily say it's very unlikely I actually scared anyone with that, gimmicks aside, today we're taking a look at a game that recently sprung onto the front page, by the name of Possession. Now, the creator of this game in particular has done some interesting things in the past, a Team Fortress 2 Demake, one of the first, I think, Pokemon roleplays, and a few other things but those two I listed you could say are recommendations
but onto the actual review! The game has also met a somewhat mixed reception, and you shall find out why later on.


Upon clicking the play button, you're teleported into a dining room of sorts with strangely built chairs, random portraits, and floating spheres in an attempt to spice things up. Now, before I continue, just by the description you can tell this bears a resemblance to a famous counter-strike gamemode/roblox demake.. (this totally doesn't mean i'll be doing a re-visit review of that place) 

Although this place has kind of the same premise, it's at least a little bit different, basically one randomly selected player is the "Ghost", while the rest are "Survivors", the Ghost most possess all of the players one by one, slowly killing them off. The survivors on the other hand, armed with zappers, must determine who the ghost is, and kill them. Now, what makes things interesting here is that the entire game, even in the lobby, is bubble-chat only so you can only see talking from a very limited distance. The screen will also "flash" every time someone is possessed, and killed, the ghost will take on the appearance of whoever was killed and continue to roam among your allies until you all or him are dead.
A "karma" system is also utilized, every time you kill an innocent player, you and them are teleported into the lobby, and whoever killed will be given -5 to -15 karma or so, if you get enough karma you can apparently be kicked from the server, although high karma means you have a bigger chance of being the ghost and all that. As far as I see, the karma system's main benefit right now is just a higher chance of being the ghost, zapper damage, and if you're kicked.

But the thing is with this version of "TITT", is that it gets boring, very fast. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of the game, the karma system is cool, but there's just not enough variation, none of the maps have interesting gimmicks, there is no shop, and when you finally do get to be the ghost, you're probably going to leave before you get a chance from boredom.

Maps are decently sized, they kind of like to repeat a bit too often as far as I see, there are.. 5 i'm sure, a castle, haunted house, graveyard, and 2 forest maps I think.
At the very least, they work.

The idea behind Possession probably hasn't been done like this before, but it's essentially Trouble in Terrorist Town with one person instead of-- actually it reminds me of another source mod.. The Hidden, which pits all of the players against one superpowered, and mostly invisible foe. Yes, this is basically The Hidden+Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Possession has the potential to be a great game, it just needs more things to spice it up because as i've said before, there's just not enough variation to keep someone invested in the game for long, while I do praise Narutoworl for trying and the cool map design, it's gonna need more than just a karma system to stay popular for more than a few more days.
Also, if you're interested in a Hidden demake, try The Stalker, by CloneTrooper1019 or better yet go try to play the actual Source mod, you'll most likely find it on Garry's Mod or Team Fortress 2, which both have their own versions.

But that'll about do it for this review, leave feedback below if you'd like and next up is one of my personal favorites I've been waiting to do for a while, Mystery City, should be up by Thursday, again, thanks for reading and have a good day.