Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hat Review: 8-Bit Viking

Hello! Pbjms here with another hat review. Monday, the 8th of July was APPARENTLY video game day. Never heard of it before? Neither have I. Anyways, ROBLOX released a few 8-Bit (pixelized) items. The "big limited" of the day is what I will be reviewing - 8-Bit Viking.

8-Bit Viking
"Luck is one thing, brave deeds another."


This mesh looks really nice. It looks like a casual viking helm, horns coming out of the sides and something coming out from the top. The thing is, it's all pixlelized (8-bit). The bottom is lined with what looks like gem, along with the center line leading to the top. The one problem I have with the whole 8-bit look is the fact that the horns are still curved, although it's supposed to be fully made out of bricks/pixels. It's not a big mistake but it brings down the 8-bit look, so I'm giving this a 9/10


The texture looks great. The main helm is a darkened shade of red, with some shadows in the corners. The horns are tan connected to the helm with what looks like some sort of stone connector. The top feature also looks like it could be made of stone, as it's grey. The top feature is lined with orange with an orange stripe going down the center to meet with another line of orange at the bottom. On all the orange parts besides the top are what looks like shiny gems. This hat looks nice with a lot of hats, especially the new 8-bit version of a classic item. It looks great and goes nice with other items, so it gets a 10/10


Surprisingly, ROBLOX didn't ruin this item by overpricing it at like 2,000 Robux and a stock of like 1,000. Instead of ruining it, the admins were actually pretty smart, and it's profiting a ton! It was priced at 88 Robux with a stock of 2,500. When the hat first came out, I thought the stock was way too much, but bought the hat anyways, as an item priced that cheap really can't fail. Surprisingly, the hat rose to an astonishing 750 Robux. The viking helm is also still raising, It could get to over 1,000 Robux soon. The price is so good that I'm actually giving this an 11/10.

Compared to... (9/10)

Because of the fact this hat is still raising and it's lowest price is 750 Robux,  
I'm going to compare it to items between 700-800 Robux.

Grapple Hook (Better than helm)

Grapple Hook

Grapple Hook is a classic and helpful gear made in 2010 for 705 Robux. It helps access hard to reach places in games it is allowed, and is just overall cool. So it's better than the helm, but not by much. 

DJ Headphones (Worse than helm)

DJ Headphones
DJ Headphones are okay looking headphones made near the end of 2012. It is priced at 750 Robux. I honestly don't really like these headphones, as they don't really look appealing. I'm going to say they're worse than 8-bit viking.

Captain Zombie (Worse than helm)

Captain Zombie

Captain Zombie is a package made in 2011 priced at 800 Robux. It looks nice, though removes the choice to wear your own clothes unless you want to fill in that little neck piece. I don't really think it's worth as much as the still raising 8-bit Viking 

Overall: 9.5/10

Overall, this viking helm looks great, and profited tons. Chances are, it will continue to raise, so try to snag it now. Compared to other items in the same price range, this helm is one of the best, but beaten by a few. Have a nice week, and save your robux just in case any other random holidays come like video game day.